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Flatiron Building in New York City December 2016.jpg
Eiffel Tower in Paris France September 2019.jpg
Notre Dame in Paris September 2019.jpg
Krakow July 2018.jpg
Snow Moon February 2022.jpg
Revisiting Our Landmarks, November 2023, Catskill, NY
One Foot Square Member Show, November 2023, Athens, NY
Revisiting Mountaintop Landmarks, Fall 2023, Windham, NY
Homes, Hamlets & Villages Juried Art Show, Fall 2023 Spencertown, NY
SEIU 32BJ Art Show, Sept 2023, New York, NY

Photos featured on:
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The Film Sorority July 2023
Expired Film Club December 2022

NYS Landscapes November 2022
New Hampshire Igers September 2022
Catskill Tourism August 2022

Green Harbor Marshfield Massachusetts Summer 2020.jpg
Berlin October 2016.jpg
Sea Spray in Green Harbor November 2019.jpg
Cologne Cathedral in Germany October 2016.jpg
Venice Italy June 2013.jpg
Krakow Museum Bottles in Poland July 2017.jpg
Nowa Huta in Poland July 2018.jpg
Książ Castle in Poland August 2017.jpg
Clouds October 2021.jpg
Seattle Squirrel 2019.jpg
Budapest Hungary July 2018.jpg
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